FREE Monthly Project - Mug Rug: Quilt Finishing Tutorial

Posted by Marie Duncan

It’s all about finishing your quilt! Make a variety of mug rugs to “practice” your quilt finishing techniques. From binding to rick rack, you’ll learn it all!

As we create our Mug Rugs we will be practicing different methods for finishing quilts. The methods used will be traditional binding, envelope style - with and without rick rack or trim, and faux binding which involves bringing the backing fabric around to the right side to form the binding. The cutting instructions and sewing supplies provide information for making five mug rugs, each using a different technique.

Click on the "Download Design" Button to access the Free April Monthly Design. When you get to the Checkout, enter the coupon code free2013apr in the box. Click Apply. (This Promotional Code needs to be applied to the shopping cart during checkout to avoid being charged for the design. Please remember, the discount code is case-sensitive).

After April 2013, the design will be available for purchase on



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