Button Bracelet

Use real mother-of-pearl buttons or any other elegant, fun or cool button. Use the technique described below to create a unique bracelet that will go with many different outfits. For the bracelet string, a technique to create your own cord is used.

You will need:
  • 1 Large button for decoration
  • 1 Small button for fastening
  • Torn Strips from a light weight fabric ¾” (1.5cm) wide approx. 12” (90cm) long
  • Sewing or decorative thread
  • Piece of a coffee stirrer (approx. diameter 1/8” (3mm)
  • Candle wicking Foot (Item no. 412510845)
  • Button Foot w. Placement Tool (Item no. 412934545)
Tape the piece of straw to the bobbin cover of your machine. The easiest way to get the strip through the straw is to hold the bobbin cover and pull the strip through with a big needle.

Attach the Candle wicking foot and sew a zig zag (Length: 5 Width: 5) over the strip. The candle Wicking foot keeps the fabric strip in place. It is important to hold on to the strip at both ends and kind of help it feed through. The feed teeth cannot really grab onto any fabric in this technique.

Fold the cord you just made in half and make a loop the size of your small button. Add your large button, by threading it onto the cord from the other end.

To get the correct length for your bracelet, using your cord, measure around your wrist twice and make a mark. Use the Automatic Button Sewing Program to sew the two strips together. Use the same stitch and change to the Button Foot w. Placement Tool. Sew the button on top of the last stitches. Make sure you pull the guide on the foot forward so you will get a thread shank.

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