Anders amplifier cover project.

Posted by Lena Kantis
My name is Anders Gunnarsson and I love, besides sewing machine engineering, to play the bass guitar. A while ago I bought a new amplifier and since it is new I wanted to take good care of it when moving it from my home to different gigs.
I therefore decided to sew a cover to protect the amplifier. The most common kind of cover is the type of cover one just pulls over the top, I decided to use that kind of model and start looking for suitable material. The material to use had to be durable, nice looking and easy to sew. I found a nice fake leather in black that fulfilled all my requirements. It also had a nice surface pattern to it.
I used the amplifier to be the template for the cover. It is generally a square box, so it is not very complicated. It has a handle on top to carry the amplifier and I needed to have an opening for that.

I also wanted to embroider something to catch the eyes when looking on it. I decided to digitize the logotype from the amplifier manufacturer and also add my own signature and a bass clef.

I downloaded a picture of the logotype from the manufacturer’s homepage and started to digitize in 6D software from Husqvarna Viking.
I also digitized my signature and the bass clef and customized all separate designs together to embroider them.


To be able to embroider the design on this heavy fabric, I needed to hoop sticky backing to glue the fabric into the hoop.
I embroidered the design, it looks awesome!


I then sewed the bias binding to the edge, at bottom of the cut and embroidered fabric.
Next I sewed the sides together


Next step was to measure and customize the top piece of the pattern. I had to cut out a hole for the handle, but first I sewed a black piece of fabric right sides together before cutting out the opening, turn over the added fabric and top stitch to create a nice durable edge for the hole.


When the hole for the handle was complete, I sewed the top piece together with the side pieces. This was tricky I must say! The fabric is quite heavy, but with patience and good a sewing machine, I managed.


Here is my result, I am very pleased!
/Anders Gunnarsson, R&D VSM Group AB

Thank you Anders for sharing the sewing, you did a fantastic job!
Until next week, Happy Sewing!

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Elida Y Heinert
I'm looking for Viking Majestic Richelieu collection. These is a cut-work embroidery. My name is Elida Heinert and my e-mail is Thankyou.
5/14/2015 8:52:31 AM

Katie Harper
I loved this blog piece. I love to sew and love music - I still have my records and turntable. What I am hoping you can help me with is what kind of fabric is suitable for speaker covers - not for travel, just to cover the internals. I have a pair of DMC speakers that are covered with a foamy type of material. It has gotten holes in it over the years( bad kitties, but loveable). I would very much appreciate any thoughts you might have.
3/1/2015 6:35:33 PM

Anders did a wonderful job on his amplifier cover. It is quite impressive and inspirational.
2/20/2015 4:27:38 PM

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