Circular Attachment and a quick visit to the Husqvarna Factory Museum

Posted by Lena Kantis
Wow, it is very fun to use the Circular Attachment. I was in China at the time when it was launched and have not really spent any time with it. It is great fun and I think I will be using it more in samples for the future. 
Here is my test today. The circle is 8 inches (20cm) that is the size of the bag on the package. 


Most important to remember is to use a tear-away stabilizer underneath. And if you have got the extension table that is a good support too for the fabric.

We have the Husqvarna Factory Museum in a close area of our office. I went there today to collect some dress forms and outfits. I took some pictures for you. If you ever visit Huskvarna you should go there to visit, you will find all sorts of products produced under the brand name of Husqvarna. Guns, stoves, sewing machines, motor cycles and much more. 


Here is the Freja, one of the first sewing machine models made. It is beautiful.


Some scenes displaying the -70th, fun with the patterns, the sewing machines was orange as you can see!
The year 1975 was an amazing number of sewing machines produced 232 441 in Huskvarna, Sweden. A lot!


Have a happy sewing week!

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Lena Kantis
Dear Vickie! I will forward your message to our team in the USA. Best wishes and happy sewing! // Lena Kantis
3/25/2015 3:35:29 AM

Vickie E. Jennings
I have owned Viking machines and software, and products for years and I have yet to get a coupon from Viking for anything including discounts on products. I have seen them on some of them posted by people who are getting them. This month in particular there was a sheet with numerous coupons for software, notiions, etc. Could you tell me why I am not receiving these. You have my e-mail address above. Is there a Sewing Gallery that I should be listed on to receive these? Thank you , Vickie E. Jennings
3/23/2015 4:18:13 PM

Karen Alexander
Oh, How I'd love to have some of those beautiful Scandinavian Treadles. What lovely cabinets! So modern - in spite of the early nature of a foot powered machine! Thanks for the pictures. Would love to see more, as I doubt I'll ever make it to Sweden!
2/28/2015 10:21:40 PM

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