Neat edges on my new dress!

Posted by Lena Kantis
I got my first overlock when I had my first child, Emil, the boy below! I still remember when I bought a lot of fabric, jersey knit in white with navy blue stripes. I made sweaters for the whole family, must have looked funny all of us wearing the same sweaters. Here is an old picture from the summer of 1989, where I actually wear my sweater and a pair of hilariously big glasses. I found them some time ago and showed my sister, we almost cried our eyes out of laughing when I did put them on.


The pattern was made from another sweater that I had bought, I simply put my purchase sweater on my drawing paper and created a pattern from the one I had. With knits it is not critical with the fit. Only thing I recommend is to wash the fabric before you sew it, as it can shrink. 

This week I am visiting my husband in China. Relaxing with sewing, going to the fitness center, yoga and seeing.
I work a little bit too, I get too restless if I don´t!
Here is a dress I have sewn this week. Pattern is from New Look #6001.


Fabric is a small piece in polyester that I did get in Jönköping. I am happy to have an overlock too in China, so the edges inside the dress is looking very nice. As well as the finishing of the wide sleeves. The two thread rolled edge was my choice there. If you need guidance on how to thread the different stitches you can watch the Husqvarna Viking Overlock threading guide, always available on line. A great help!

Summer in the park!


Nice name of the quilting technique I have tried last week. The image above is from
Here you can see my fabrics that I did wash before sewing.

Here are my sample blocks.

I plan to sew a quilt for one of the small bedrooms in my house that I am re-decorating. I think however I will wait to decide what fabrics I will use until I have decided on what wallpaper to choose. I will get back later with more on this!
Happy Sewing!

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une belle passion la couture et la broderie. Les journées sont trop courte
3/6/2015 3:15:10 PM

Diane Gregory
Very cute dress!! Looks comfortable too.
2/10/2015 4:54:00 PM

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