Linnea did sew fun presents

Posted by Lena Kantis

I was very happy to receive a wonderful Christmas present from my youngest son Simon and his girlfriend Linnea. Linnea did sew a beautiful breadbasket, in very nice colors, white with print in purple and jade. Small food packages was inside it, and most of it was home made! The fudge and the apple chips were home made, very delicious!
The bread basket will be perfect to have in my kitchen. I think Simon wishes that it will be full of Ginger Rolls every time he comes home to visit. He and Linnea moved in to one apartment in Huskvarna a few months ago, only 300 meters from my office.
pouf-(1).jpgBesides sewing my gift, Linnea did sew small sitting cushions for all her young cousins. She designed them to fit each of their personalities and interests. Here you can see a picture of them! I like the handles too, because it does make it easy for them to bring the cushions anywhere!

Next week my daughter Johanna is having her birthday. I will sew a present to her. Check back to see what she will be getting!
Until next week, happy sewing!

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Deb white
Very sweet...they are great presents!
2/4/2014 11:31:51 AM

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