Embroidery with silver Metallic Thread!

Posted by Lena Kantis

I am very happy to have finished a couple of sewing projects this week.
First thing was a new table runner. I did use one design collection that I have been interested in testing for quite a while. The Husqvarna Viking Design Collection #274 “Moroccan Décor”. I did embroider it on my Designer Diamond Royale using a metallic silver thread. Size of the finished table runner is: 16 inches wide and 61 inches long. (40cm x 155cm.) This design could be added on almost anything, such as curtains, clothes, pillows. Beautiful design!
Here are some tips on how to work with Metallic thread.
  1. Choose fabric, embroidery design and embroidery stabilizer with characteristics of metallic thread in mind. Natural fibre fabrics and fabrics that are not too dense are most successful with metallic thread embroidery. Use simple designs that do not have overlapping layers or small, dense areas. I used Inspira Tear-A-way stabilizer.
  2. Select a sewing machine needle that has got a larger eye. Options are: Metallic Needle. Embroidery needle or Topstitch needle.  I did use an Embroidery Needle.
  1. Place a spool net around your thread if you have looping issues. A spool net regulates the speed of the thread coming off the spool, preventing looping. Use the spool net that comes in the purchase of your embroidery machine.
Now I am very spoiled. The Designer Diamond Royale has got the deLuxe™ Stitch System. Thread Portioning feeds the correct amount of thread through the sewing machine for every stitch regardless of what type of thread, fabric thickness or whether you are
sewing or embroidering.
Here are some additional information if you use metallic thread on an embroidery machine with thread tension:
1.      Decrease the tension on the top thread. A tension that is too tight can result in broken or shredded thread.
2.      Turn the machine speed down.
I am happy with the look of my dining table. Here is a close up picture of the metallic embroidery.

I have finished a dress in black and white.
My daughter Athina thought one of her tops were too big and long. It should now be a shorter. She cut with the scissor; however it was still very wide. I took her top, made it more narrow using the overlock, and finished the edge as well on the overlock. Now she is happy with it



Happy Sewing!

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