Christmas Stocking for Alva!

Posted by Lena Kantis

I can´t believe it, it is soon the last month of the year, December and the holidays are getting closer. Time to prepare for the joy of giving! We have been a team of people that has been working on the Holiday campaign for the web. Click on the link to take a look! Why not sew a new Christmas Stocking for somebody that you love? It is time to get started! Erika my colleague has been sewing one for her youngest daughter Alva. Here are some pictures on how to sew it! The little Angel embroidery design is from the Husqvarna Viking® Design Collection # 141 ” Very Cool Christmas”. You can find the design collection at, and there are many more to choose from!


After the embroidery, she did sew the stocking, and a lining for the stocking.


She finished the top of the stocking with adding a bit of fake fur. Here are all Christmas Stockings for her three children. I bet they will soon start to wait for Santa.


Happy Sewing and Happy Thanksgiving!


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Oh, it looks like a flock of tropical belturfties - just wonderful!I have to tell you, I worked in a very conservative office (and I'm 50 years old, and a conservative person) so all my stockings are dull, conservative beige - so when I saw your post title, I couldn't think it would be much. I mean, conservative beige flowers? What a gorgeous surprise when the picture came in!
3/25/2013 12:18:11 AM

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