On the other side of the World!

Posted by Lena Kantis

I am off on vacation this week, my first trip to China. I am in a city by the name of Suzhou, an hour away from Shanghai. I am very lucky as I had a wonderful guided tour at the Silk Factory.  A guide took us on a tour, showing the complete development from worm tosilk.  First picture is the small silkworms, we were allowed to pat them and they were very soft.


Next step was the cocoons, those could contain ut to 1 000 meters of silk.


The cocoons were boiled, and the silk was spun onto spools.


Next step was to make use of the silk in various ways. First thing was to weave fabric, the other thing to use it for is silk duvet. Here you can see how I was part of pulling out the silk for the silk duvet. I think it is almost like a spider web, very strong.


Finally I ended up…. yes in a store where they had wonderful rolls of fabric, garments, duvets, home decorations and much more. Did I buy anything? Yes it was to hard to resist, as I love silk. My two childen that was also with me, was not happy waiting for two hours while I did my shopping.

Happy Sewing!

PS I have more stories to share here from China. DS

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