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I'm in the minority here in that I think the black shnaisg makes the quilt look MORE busy. It looks more modern and fresh with lots of white. White shnaisg might even spread out the red and black and give an even more "Denyse Schmidt" look (which is good and appropriate IMHO). What about a change of scale by putting little red corners on your blocks that would make on point squares when all the blocks are assembled? Or white shnaisg with red or black squares at the intersections? It would still be busy, but maybe in a more dynamic way due to the change in scale. I can almost imagine little red on-point squares between teh blocks and a white or red-with-lots-of-white-in-it-print border and red rick rack in the seam between the center and the border, or maybe a dog tooth border:red on white. Whatever you do, I really like you blocks and hope you don't have to rip them all apart.
3/24/2013 10:52:32 PM

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